CGM Summer Update 2022


Michael Harris Cohen has appeared in three of our anthologies and his first collection The Eyes: A Novella & Stories came out quite some time ago. We’re fans of his, so when he sent us a manuscript for a new collection it was easy to slot him into our schedule for the fall. Here’s the cover reveal for his book Effects Vary:

Art by Matthew Revert

This summer we’ll have a bit of a rapid fire release of collections and novellas. Starting July 5th LP Hernandez’ novella Stargazers will have its official release via Mother Horror’s My Dark Library line. Then collections from Ross Jeffery, Mark Allan Gunnells, Chad Lutzke, and Paul Michael Anderson will be available. My Dark Library novellas #2 from Chandler Morrison and #3 Kelsea Yu should appear in September. The art for these books is either finished or in the works and should be spoiled in the next month or so.

But before those books come out we’ll have our open call for Campfire Macabre: Volume 2

The details for this call are up on our submissions page. We’re looking for flash stories for our five themes. The first Campfire Macabre was a really fun book to put together, and though it was a pricey book to fund, it broke even earlier this year.

Places We Fear to Tread is one of our bestselling books and the sequel will have an open call in either the late-autumn or early winter. John and I started out this publishing business with the idea that if we could sell some books we might be able to fund future books. We sold enough books between 2015-2019 to fund every idea we wanted to write together, so having accomplished the small goals we set for ourselves it was either end Cemetery Gates or begin publishing the work of others. Once we publish the sequel to Places We Fear to Tread in 2023 we’ll have put out the variety of anthologies we had in mind when we began publishing group anthologies in 2019.

There’s a theme here. We’re doing this as a hobby and once we see through the books we’re passionate about we move on to something new. Our series of anthologies will likely conclude next year, our series of collections should conclude next year(there’s another author or two we hope to announce in the coming weeks!), while I don’t see any end to our interest in putting out novellas — we have horror nonfiction, middle-grade, and additional children’s books in the works.

The idea we began with was always incremental growth. We knew that we had to learn every aspect of the book business as writers and publishers. We have heard grumblings along the way, the subtweets about how we operate our publishing house, our reliance on Amazon for sales, printing, and distribution. It’s good for a laugh. We’re here to put out the books we want to see in the world and pay artists and authors their fair share, and we’ll continue to do so as long as readers keep buying our books.


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