Places We Fear to Tread



Now Available in paperback and eBook!

26 authors, 26 locations, 347 pages, 100k+ words; original horror stories from many of the genre’s darkest minds. Nightmares imagined into real places; from Nigeria to Japan, North America to Australia. Locations the authors have inhabited and imbued with the sinister–hiking trails, haunted lakes, relics of faded industry, and even a Hawaiian volcano!

Is there a selkie who resides in the Wartrace Lake Dam, Tennessee?

Can you summon a godlike entity on the coast of Oregon?

There are many Crybaby Bridges, but which one belongs to author Gwendolyn Kiste?

Tales from the British Isles–of cursed beaches, remote manor houses, and plagued villages. Fresh takes on old legends, newly minted stories attached to interesting landmarks, and even personal hauntings (which will never be pinned on Google Maps.)


“Here in this Place is a Means to an End” Chad Lutzke

“The Storm on Kinzua Bridge” Sara Tantlinger

“The Bone Man of Sanatorium Lake” Andrew Cull

“Lost Girls Don’t Cry” Gwendolyn Kiste

“Laughter in the Night” Sonora Taylor

“This is Home” Laurel Hightower

“Bussell’s Bog” Cameron Ulam

“The Deer God” Wendy N. Wagner

“Ho‘okaulike” Michelle Mellon

“The Hound of Brackettville” Bev Vincent

“Cold-Blooded Old Times” J. A. W. McCarthy

“The Swim Instructor” Eddie Generous

“The Wrong Turn” Angela Sylvaine

“Bring Out Your Dead” Beverley Lee

“Cellophane” Michael J. Moore

“The Sad Museum” Alex Payne

“Hopscotch For Keeps” Hailey Piper

“Bare Bones” Jude Reid

“The Wet Dream” Jill Girardi

“Devil’s Elbow” C. W. Briar

“Puppet Show” Julia August

“Teke Teke Teke” Michael David Wilson

“Black Fatima” Muhammed Awal Ahmed

“The Sand Knows” Zach Shephard

“One Badly Hit Ball” John Leahy

“Women of the Mere” Jessica Ann York

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