Picnic in the Graveyard


Paperback and Ebook now available here.

Picnic in the Graveyard is an anthology of cemetery horrors. This book contains 1 poem and 21 stories of the supernatural, all-too-human, wacky, scary, and somber.

A family reunion in the cemetery goes according to plan, until it doesn’t…

Mafiosos dig up a very special lady for their boss, but soon regret disturbing her resting place…

A young man is dared by his friends to venture into Cemetery Joe’s ramshackle cabin. Turns out, there’s much more to Joe’s story than your typical garden variety necrophiliac…

Table of Contents:

“Storybook Hill” Shane Douglas Keene

“Angels With Broken Wings” Nicole Willson

“The Potion” Mark Allan Gunnells

“The Words Beneath” Michael Harris Cohen

“A Warm Fall Day” L. Marie Wood

“Date Night” Bev Vincent

“Moving Mackenzie” Tim Meyer

“La Cesse’s Secret” Catherine McCarthy

“Make Me Shine” Mark Towse

“St. Mark’s Eve” Stephanie Ellis

“Why the Wind Blows” Nuzo Onoh

“We All Fall” Alex Ebenstein

“The Young Thaumaturge” Samantha Kolesnik

“Remembrance” Tom Deady

“The Crazy with Daisy” R.J. Joseph

“Why Bob Lee Came Back” Nick Kolakowski

“Death and Life in a Small Town” JG Faherty

“In the Jaws of a Beautiful Beast” J.A.W. McCarthy

“The Merry” Alex Woodroe

“Goombahs in the Graveyard” Kenneth W. Cain

“The Night Will Let It In” Michael Kelly

“Cemetery Joe” LP Hernandez

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