Flash Horror Anthology “Campfire Macabre”


Campfire Macabre front art with text

We’re looking for 500-1,000 word horror flash fiction for a “pocket-sized” anthology. Paying $.08/word for original stories, no reprints. Reading until DEC 26, 2020(or until we fill each section of the book, approx. 40-50 stories .) The theme of the anthology is horror subgenre medley. Please choose a theme to write and submit a story for: Cemetery Chillers, Spook Houses, Supernatural Slashers, Witchcraft, Within the Woods.

You’re free to submit (1) story per theme, so up to (5) stories. The ‘themes’ are open to interpretation, but we are looking for sinister tales. In your submission email subject line please include the title of your story, word count, and theme! Please attach your story as an RTF or DOC file. You’re welcome to submit stories up to 1,200 words, but we will delete stories over 1,200 words and under 500 words.

We will accept stories before December, but will hold many stories without responding until we have a complete TOC. Simultaneous submissions are fine. We’re looking for First Rights Publishing and will ask that you don’t reprint your story until OCT 31, 2021.

Send submissions to cemeterygatesmedia@gmail.com

-Joe Sullivan, Editor

Note for debut/young authors:

Established authors hate writing anything under 6k words. This call is wide open. We want to give you a space, but you have to give yourself a chance. Write something new with the theme in mind, have at least a vague idea of what we publish, and don’t go over 1k words. We like NoSleep Podcast, Michael Wehunt, timeless urban legends, and stories with fresh takes on popular themes(no ghost POV stories, please.)

Stories accepted per theme as of 9/19:

Cemetery Chillers 4/10

Spook Houses 5/10

Supernatural Slashers 4/10

Witchcraft 5/10

Within the Woods 5/10

3 thoughts on “Flash Horror Anthology “Campfire Macabre”

  1. Titles for the upcoming Flash Antho:

    1. Itty Bitty Chills, but with all the Frills!

    2. Fleeting Fables

    3.Transitory Tales

    4.Passing Yarns


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