16 thoughts on “Flash Horror Anthology “Campfire Macabre”

  1. Titles for the upcoming Flash Antho:

    1. Itty Bitty Chills, but with all the Frills!

    2. Fleeting Fables

    3.Transitory Tales

    4.Passing Yarns


      1. Thanks. I have resent the improved version (as a reply from the original email sent). I hope that is ok, or did you want a totally new email/submission?


  2. Do you have a target publish date? Regrettably, I wasn’t able to finish my story for Supernatural Slashers by the time it filled up, but I am still fascinated by the lineup of categories and would like to buy a copy as soon as it’s available. Thanks!


  3. If we haven’t heard back from you, I assume we haven’t been selected? If this is the case, can we submit another story? Thanks.


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