Halldark Holidays


The holidays are a time for romance, sentimental longing for a simpler time…and monsters! Editor Gabino Iglesias brings you 22 stories from the hearts and absolutely twisted minds of some of horror’s finest. Right from the get-go this book slays. Greg Sisco’s “The Morbs” is like “The Lottery”, but more fucked-up. Brian Keene delivers as always with “The Hatching” and Gabino swears you might shed a tear by the time you reach Todd Robinson’s “Mother and Child”. Clara Madrigano, Cynthia Pelayo, Bev Vincent, Alan Baxter, Gina Ranalli, Kelly J. Ford, Mark Allan Gunnells are absolute killers in the genre. Check out the complete TOC below!

The eBook for Halldark Holidays is now live and you can purchase it here!

The paperback version of Halldark Holidays is available here!

Table of Contents

“The Darkness is Always There: An Introduction”

Gabino Iglesias…5

“The Morbs” Greg Sisco…9

“The Hatching” Brian Keene…25            

“She’s Back” Clara Madrigano…39

“Der Erwich Yaeger” Alessandro DiFrancesco…51                        

“A Winterland Surprise” Kathryn E. McGee…67                                              

“The Bone Fire” Alan Baxter…81                                            

“Rainbow Black” Gina Ranalli…91                                         

“An Invisible Christmas Spectacular” Bev Vincent…97

“Elmreach” Jonathan Duckworth…103

“Frito Pie” Kelly J. Ford…115                                                                                

“A Total Super Miracle on 34th St.” Mackenzie Kiera…125

“O Little Town…” Mark Allan Gunnells…139

“Feu De Joie” Magnolia Strock…149

“Somebody Always Hears You” Elizabeth Hirst…157

“Christmas Every Day” Nicole Willson…171

“The Christmas Cabin” Fred Venturini…179

“What Happens in the Dark Will Soon Happen in the Light”

Michael Harris Cohen…195

“The Best Christmas Town in Maryland!” Sheri White…205

“Christmas in Quail’s Egg” Max Carrey…215

“A Wail of Christmas” Jillian Bost…225

“Holiday Traditions” Cynthia Pelayo…231

“Mother and Child” Todd Robinson…237

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