2020 Anthology Submission Guidelines


***Submissions are closed***



We’re currently looking for previously unpublished horror stories, 3-6k words, for a location-themed anthology to be released September 2020.

The theme is: local lore or location-based oddities. Write something dark into a setting you’ve experienced — it could be a place you’ve lived, or even just somewhere you’ve visited on a vacation. Is there a landmark in your town that you can write a nightmare into? Have you ever legend tripped somewhere and thought, well, that cave, mausoleum, torture tree was neat, but I wish there was more to the story?

If so, you’re welcome to send us (1) submission at cemeterygatesmedia@gmail.com in DOC or RTF form. Deadline August 1, 2020. However, we’ll begin reading and accepting stories well before August, so the window may close earlier.

Paying .05/word per accepted submission for First Rights Publishing, and asking that you don’t republish your story until August 1, 2021.

In our fifth year of publishing we’re looking to expand our reach into 21st Century folklore, urban legends, and the space between creepypasta and literary horror. We will favor stories that name real locations one can visit in person. Our tales often give brief histories for locations. For examples of what we’re looking for, see Other Voices, Other Tombs; At the Cemetery Gates: Year One and Volume 2; or Corpse Cold: New American Folklore

-Joe Sullivan, Editor

46 thoughts on “2020 Anthology Submission Guidelines

  1. I saw the question about word count, above…is there any wiggle room on the high end? I’ve finished my draft and it’s (just!) below the upper limit, but if it’s possible to go slightly over, that will affect my revision decisions…thanks so much for your time!


  2. Hello! Do you anticipate you will close submissions before August 1st? I am working on a submission and will rush it if there is a chance to miss an early cut off. Otherwise, I’ll take more time in revision.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for this anthology. I’ve had such fun working on this story. It’s inspired me to dig into old family skeletons and take a road trip back to old haunts. Whether or not I’m selected, I’m grateful for that. I hope editing is going well and that you’re having a great day.


  3. For a real location-a real haunted location even-would you like a link, or a brief synopsis in the cover email? Or will you be googlemapping them yourself?


  4. Hi, would you be likely to accept anything that’s less than 3000 words? I’m working on something I’d like to submit, but I think it’s going to be quite short


    1. Yes, throughout August we’ll still be reading submissions and plan on getting back to everyone in the next couple weeks. There were enough great stories for two volumes, unfortunately we are budgeted for one book.

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  5. Oh man, I really hope I made the deadline! But whatever, I really enjoyed writing that, and I’ll be very interested to read the anthology when it comes out.


  6. Hi Joe, I sent a story back in March, somewhat over the maximum word count as we discussed at the time. The month of publication approacheth imminently. Should I assume it’s rejected? Thanks, Tom.


  7. Hi –

    If we haven’t heard back yet, is it safe to assume it’s a rejection and we’re free to submit to other markets?


  8. Submission grinder lists twenty submissions still unresolved. Will there be a few more accepted or will you be sending out rejections?


    1. The Places book has already been published. We received over 1k subs and we don’t pull from our spam folder, and some stories were deleted outright for not following our guidelines. Anyone is welcome to message us about getting a rejection notice on their story if they haven’t received one yet.


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