The Shadow Dancers of Brixton Hill


To be released June 13th 2023! Preorder the eBook here.

In 1937, American circuses are trying to recoup the losses they incurred during the Great Depression while competing with newer forms of entertainment like movie theaters. Kate Montgomery travels to the small town of Brixton Hill to scout a new act for her father’s struggling circus. Lewis Oswald, a trainer and friend of Kate’s family, introduces her to the Shadow Dancers, three young girls who can make their shadows dance independently of their bodies. While the act would revive her family’s circus, Kate is horrified by the young women’s dismal training and living conditions. She wants to help them escape their dreadful situation, but when the Shadow Dancers take matters into their own hands, she’ll have to save herself.

Nicole Willson writes horror and dark fantasy. Her debut novel Tidepool (Parliament House Press) came out in August 2021 and was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Debut Novel and the Ladies of Horror Fiction Award for Best Debut. A Spanish translation of the novel is available from Dilatando Mentes Editorial. Her short fiction has appeared in two anthologies by Cemetery Gates Media. She lives with her husband and a rotating cast of cats in Northern Virginia. Find out more about Nicole at

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