The Once Yellow House


Full color paperback and eBook now available here!

The ‘Yellow Massacre’ of November 19th 2020, in which three hundred and forty-seven members of a secretive society known as ‘The Retinue’ were brutally slaughtered, has gone down in history as one of the most horrific and compelling unsolved mysteries of the decade, if not century. So far, information about this tragedy has been patchy and heavily censored by authorities.

Questions abound: what was the exact cause of death of so many victims? What role did married couple Hope and Thomas Gloucester play in the massacre? What exactly went on at the property know as the ‘Once Yellow House’, where the Retinue were encamped?

And are the rumours true — were The Retinue really a cult?

So far, these questions have gone unanswered.

Until Now.

Bram Stoker Award nominated author Gemma Amor (DEAR LAURA) has been granted exclusive access to never before seen documents collated from a variety of sources, including entries and sketches from the alleged personal scrapbook of Hope Gloucester herself, verbatim transcriptions of recorded conversations, emails, articles, and letters, and, driven by a desire to help shed light on a mystery that has affected the lives of so many, has compiled them into the world’s first coherent account of the Yellow Massacre.

What follows is a collection of somewhat surreal first-hand descriptions of a catastrophe that seems to be part truth, part rumour, party fantasy, and one might even suggest: part performance art.

“I say this with the utmost certainty: The Once Yellow House is probably my favorite work of Gemma’s to date. Not only is it a testament to her remarkable talent as one of our finest contemporary horror writers, but the book skillfully illustrates how the epistolary format remains one of the most effective sub-genres of horror.” — Eric LaRocca

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