Campfire Macabre: Volume 2


Order the paperback or eBook here! Released October 11th.

The second volume in our flash/short horror anthology series. This time the themes are: My Last Trick ‘r Treat, Body Grotesquerie, We Were Getting High, Ominous Visitors From Deep Space, and Out in the Fields, Forests, and Lakes. Cover art and design by Luke Spooner at

Here is the complete table of contents:

My Last Trick ‘r Treat

“Candy Corn Kid” Angela Sylvaine

“Blow Me a Kiss, Said the Jack o’Lantern” Scott Cole

“Knot House” Anthony J. Rapino

“9:03 PM” Jeff Provine

“Before I Let Go” K.S. Walker

“Last Halloween” S.H. Cooper

“Who Are You Supposed to Be?” Patrick Barb

“Welcome Back My Friend” JG Faherty

“This is Not a Haunted House” Tiffany Michelle Brown

“Mr. Sprinkles” LP Hernandez

Body Grotesquerie

“Siren” Zach Friday

“How To Love In An Apocalypse” Ai Jiang

 “scratch ‘n sniff” Clay McLeod Chapman

“A Mother is a Kind of God” Eric LaRocca

“A Feast for One” Marisca Pichette

“The King of Rooms” Jessica Ann York

“The Claw’s Blessing” Eric Raglin

“Five Visitations” Joe Koch

“Penelope’s Body” Ali Seay

When We Were Getting High

“Of Bongs and Birds” Corey Farrenkopf

“Corkscrew” Chad Lutzke

“The Farmer’s Son” J.A.W. McCarthy

“No Sticks, Some Seeds” John Lynch

“Outbuilding” John Boden

“Out at the Old Trestle” Christi Nogle

“Trip Sideways” Tyler Jones

“We Are All Stars” Wile E. Young

Ominous Visitors From Deep Space

“Never Go in the Attic” Stephen Kozeniewski

“When an Alien Calls” Bev Vincent

“Funny Faces” Eric J. Guignard

“To Become” Eddie Generous

“Indrid Cold is Alive and Well” Tom Deady

“The Room” L. Marie Wood

“The Joining” Michael Harris Cohen

“Greenglow” Jonathan Duckworth

Out in the Fields, Forests, and Lakes

“The Heart of the Everglades” P. L. Watts

“Outside” Tim Waggoner

“Farm Hand” Joshua Marsella

“We are all lost” Die Booth

“Off the Beaten Path” Mark Allan Gunnells

“Catamount” Brennan LaFaro

“Danny Boy” Robert Ford

“Lakebottom Charlie” Laura Keating

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