They Mostly Come at Night


Order the collection here! Released November 8th.

A high class restaurant where the food brings out the worst in its patrons…

A man whose mind won’t stay inside his own body…

A mother and daughter’s trip to a zoo full of dead animals…

An Italian immigrant’s idea of the American Dream ripped from his grasp…

A mysterious woman’s unquenchable hunger for negative energy…

Darkness looms ahead in these eleven short stories from the Splatterpunk Award and Imadjinn Award-Winning author Wesley Southard. With an introduction by horror master Brian Keene.

Keep the lights on. It’s a long time before sunrise.

“Southard’s work bends the mind and punches the gut. His chilling tales offer all the carnage and chaos horror fanatics lick their chops for.” ― Kristopher Triana, Splatterpunk Award-winning author of Gone to See the River Man

“Southard writes true blue collar characters who are achingly real and endearing, and monsters that absolutely terrify. While one might note echoes of Richard Laymon, Southard’s voice is all his own, and he uses it to deliver a compelling and powerfully enjoyable read.” ― Mary SanGiovanni, author of Beyond The Gate

“Wesley Southard’s writing thrums with uninhibited energy that’s both infectious and entertaining. Discovering Wesley’s work has been a joy, and you should seek out his books too. He’s definitely a writer to watch.” ― Jonathan Janz, author of The Siren and the Spector and Exorcist Falls

“Southard writes with an intensity not seen since the original splatterpunks. I devoured every page.” ― Wile E. Young, Splatterpunk Award-winning author of The Magpie Coffin

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