Burn the Plans


From Tyler Jones (author of CriteriumThe Dark Side of the Room, and Almost Ruth) comes Burn the Plans, a collection featuring fifteen tales of supernatural suspense. Released February 28th 2022 — eBook, paperback, and hardcover now available here

In “A Sharp Black Line” children go missing whenever a ghostly island appears in the center of a river during a storm, and a father must make a terrible choice.

Two young brothers are tasked with burying the family dog, and uncover dark family secrets in “Trigger.” 

In “Red Hands” a disturbed man goes on a killing spree, and his childhood friend suspects it has something to do with what they found, many years ago, hidden in a cave.

A courtroom sketch artist draws the evil she cannot see in “The Devil on the Stand.”

A young boy sets out to get photographic proof of the ghosts that haunt his home in “Boo!”

Grotesque government experiments, a remote viewer who blurs past and future, a crate that contains ancient evil, and bloodthirsty machines are all part of the world in which these tales take place.

Featuring fourteen short stories and one novelette, Burn the Plans is a relentless journey into the dark places we end up when all of our plans go wrong.

Praise for Burn the Plans

“In his first collection Burn the Plans, Tyler Jones is an author who has found his voice, and it’s a confident, assured one. From the opening story’s look at guilt and penance to the closing story’s tale of a Christmas gone horribly wrong, Burn the Plans features real characters caught up in unreal situations. Recommended!” 
John F.D. Taff, Bram Stoker Award-Nominated author of Little Black Spots and The Fearing

“At turns disquieting and surreal, Burn the Plans demands we chase shadows through unlit cities and down painful roads. Jones paints the grim portrait of a shattered-glass world and then throws us inside with no way out. In this collection, everywhere and everyone is a haunted house.”
Hailey Piper, author of The Worm and His Kings

“Original and highly entertaining with storytelling prose that refuses to let go. You’re going to have fun with this one.” 
Chad Lutzke, author of Of Foster Homes and Flies

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