A Conjuring for All Seasons


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A Conjuring for All Seasons contains five dark novelettes from five practicing witches. Four seasonally themed tales based around important Wiccan celebrations join a Hoodoo story concerning the dead around All Hallows’.

Magic Loves the Hungry by Hailey Piper

A presence haunts Melody Langston. It grows bolder each night, as if preying on her anxiety-ridden complications with coven initiation, friends who are her ex-lovers, and the touch of overattentive authority. Starved for belonging, she needs to prove herself, cleanse herself, prove she isn’t weak.

But a terrifying enigma has its heart set on her, and magic loves the hungry.

Drawing Down the Sun by Stephanie M. Wytovich

Protection is vital.

Faye Erikson has been dead for centuries, but her grip on the Clement family remains as strong now as it did the day she spat out her curse. Fearful of her wrath, the family heads out to the woods around Midsummer each year to stand watch over her grave. Anne Clement, the first girl to be born into their bloodline in over 200 years, has some reservations about Faye and her ties to her family. Her curiosity leads her to dig deeper into her ancestral history, and what she uncovers might be scarier than the witch she’s been taught to fear.

Milk Kin by K.P. Kulski

She knows because she remembers the night her mother disappeared. It doesn’t matter she had been a newborn, that Grandmother Bada and auntie say it is impossible to remember so early. Ruby did and she could replay the memory like a video— of how the long-fingered woman took her mother away. How the same woman returns every autumn decorated with teeth and oak leaves, with a long silver needle that pierces Ruby’s heel.

The House of the Heart by Donyae Coles

“The House of the Heart is about family and the ways that we carry that and how it carries us. It’s a story about boundaries and reparations. It’s also about knowing when it’s time to just grab a candle and let the ancestors handle it. Though it is never mentioned by name in the story, the practice is hoodoo and I wanted to write something where even though the outcomes were sensational, it was still a living practice that was part of their lives, as natural as breathing.” – Donyae Coles

Longest Night by Gaby Triana

Two modern-day witches, recently out of the broom closet, throw a Yuletide party to welcome the winter solstice with friends, unprepared for the uninvited guests who arrive. When Christmas-themed pranks appearing after the party unexpectedly ends turn deadly, Indigo must figure out where they’re coming from, who’s causing them, and whether or not she’s witch enough to end them during the longest night of her life.

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