What Waits in the Dark


What Waits in the Dark Cover Image

Who truly knows what lurks in dark corners or in the darkest of hearts? WHAT WAITS IN THE DARK contains eighteen illustrated tales which explore the horrors found at the periphery of shadow and light.

A Soviet doctor attempts to play God during the Battle of Stalingrad.

Friends come face to face with a Japanese urban legend in Syracuse, New York!

A woman hears her husband sweetly singing to their daughter over the baby monitor, but soon realizes he’s not home.

A raucous fraternity takes a haunted hayride through the woods that they won’t soon forget.

These and 18 other creepy tales can be found within WHAT WAITS IN THE DARK.

Pick up a paperback copy at Amazon!

or the eBook here.

20 interior illustrations by Mikey Turcanu:

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