Hell, Delaware


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Go to Hell!

No, really. Head on over to the lovely beaches of Hell, Delaware, where the horrors of our world come to light. Behold our famous wild horses in “In the Shadow of the Equine.” Bask in the sun and experience our many eateries, or enjoy some home cooking like we see in the story “Frog Song.” 

We have arcades and mini golf and demons, like those in “Roadkill,” or witches like our delightful host, Nula, as well as some scenic water parks. Our history is rich in mining, with stories dating back to the Old West like “An Unfortunate Night at the Oakwood Theater” and “Rage,” and science like experimentation in genome editing as we see in “Fat Green Rat,” as well as demonology—Lenny and Thomas are sure to delight. 

We have it all. All of it! The fire and brimstone and death and decay, bodies strewn across the landscape, blood soaked into our soil, becoming one with the evils of this world. We will kill— 

Oops. Sorry about that folks, I’m feeling better now. 

Anyway, take your family on a wonderful getaway to the wonderful Hell beaches. It will be the last vacation you ever take. We’ll make you suffer for all eternity.

“Kenneth W. Cain’s Hell, Delaware is small town horror at its best. The terrors within its borders are rife with irrepressible tension and impending dread. An incredible collection of stories that will stake a claim in the fertile earth of your psyche and cultivate your deepest, darkest fears!”

Ronald Kelly, Author of Fear, Undertaker’s Moon, and The Essential Sick Stuff

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