A Woman Built By Man Anthology


Now available here!

A Woman Built By Man is a collage of 21 horror tales that seek to crawl under the skin and deconstruct the many ways women are built up and broken down by a patriarchal society. And the many ways they’re finally saying, “Enough.”


“Every Woman Knows This” by Laurel Hightower

“She Sings of Pain and Sorrow” by Holley Cornetto

“The Thing With Feathers” by Tonya Walter

“She Asked For It” by Lilyn George

“Genesis 2:22” by Denarose Fukushima

“Better“ by Alexis DuBon

“The Truth Tiger” by Gemma Amor

“The Shock of Death” by Michelle Tang

“Youngblood” by Lindz McLeod

“What Doesn’t Kill You” by Elle Turpitt

“Underground” by Regi Caldart

“The Only Thing Different Will Be The Body” by J.A.W. McCarthy

“Blame, Pain, and Selfishness” by Hailey Piper

“New Lines from Which to Shape Her Body” by Nikki R. Leigh

“Last Night I Was Having a Drink at the Slippery Nipple” by Amanda Michele

“Maddy Long Legs” by Olivia White

“M.E. and Her” by Lea Storry

“The Eyes of Vaz’lul” by Jill Palmer

“The Canary” by Joanne Askew

“Bambolina, Bambolina” by G.G. Silverman

“The Cooper Girl” by S.H. Cooper

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