My Dark Library Novella Series


Hello, my name is Sadie Hartmann but I’m also known in certain circles as Mother Horror. My favorite thing is to find fresh, talented voices in the genre of horror. It’s difficult to get readers to notice you out there in the wild, so this is your opportunity to come into My Dark Library and share with me the strange, cold, dark well within you from which you draw your stories. I am editing and presenting a series of novellas through Cemetery Gates Media and will write an introduction for each selection, then we’ll promote your work to a hungry legion of horror fans.

I am specifically interested in:

  • Authors who have found themselves in a genre-trap and are looking for a way to showcase another storytelling voice for a different fanbase.
  • In My Dark Library you will find psychological, folk, quiet, supernatural, paranormal, body, found-footage, coming-of-age, spiritual, demonic, occult, cosmic, slasher horror.
  • I’m not currently interested in extreme, science-fiction, bizarro, erotic, apocalyptic, creature/cryptid, zombie, eco, comedy horror.

I especially love cultural folklore and urban legends from BIPOC, Native American, and LGBTQ voices.

This is an open call to anyone and everyone—not limited to new or unpublished voices. Even if I have read and admired your work one hundred times, I would still be over the moon to see a submission from you.

From February 1st – April 1st we will accept submissions between 25,000-40,000 words. Please submit a complete, unpublished manuscript in DOC or RTF format and include a publishing bio and brief story synopsis in the email body. No reprints, please don’t ask. Simultaneous subs are fine. Send submissions to:

Cemetery Gates is paying a $1,000 advance, with a royalty share at 60% to author, and looking for five years exclusive rights in print and digital formats, worldwide in the English language.

Subsequent installments in the My Dark Library series may be acquired through a combination of invitations and open calls. We aim to publish the first of the novellas by Spring/Summer.

7 thoughts on “My Dark Library Novella Series

  1. Do you want a synopsis covering plot points and giving the ending or something more akin to what would go on a book’s back cover?


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