The Mayor of Halloween is Missing!


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In the rolling hills of New York there is a quaint little village named Holiday, where a quaint little mayor named Fatz presides. Mayor Fatz is known for filling each special day of the year with fun events and unique traditions that everyone can enjoy. At the village Easter Picnic he once dressed up as a pink marshmallow chick and handed out baskets full of jelly beans and milk chocolate babies. On the Fourth of July he officiated a remote-controlled duck race at Lake MLK on water skis. Months of planning goes into each holiday activity, and the mayor makes sure that every detail has been accounted for. Mayor Fatz is more than just the mayor of a quaint little village named Holiday–he is the Mayor of Holidays!

The Mayor of Halloween is Missing! is an illustrated story book for ages 3-9 from debut author Emily S. Sullivan and artist Cat Scully. It is the story of three children who go on a quest on Halloween Night in order to find their missing mayor and save trick-or-treating.

Mayor Fatz has been gone for days and there are few clues to his whereabouts. He holds the missing key to the Holiday Room at Village Hall, where he is tasked with initiating the night’s festivities. Friends Charlotte, Jackson, and Charlie must follow the clues scattered throughout their small town and overcome their fears if they want to find Mayor Fatz and preserve their Halloween traditions.

Author Emily S. Sullivan and Illustrator Cat Scully

Emily S. Sullivan was born in South Korea and grew up in New York. She studied Early Childhood Education at Oakland University in Michigan. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and darling beagle Benelli.

Cat Scully is the author and illustrator of young adult illustrated horror series JENNIFER STRANGE from Haverhill House Publishing. She has worked in middle grade, young adult, and adult illustration creating interiors and maps for clients like Random House, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, and more. When Cat’s not working in publishing, she works in game development concept art and user interface design for The Deep End Games.

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