Six Rooms


Released September 7th 2021. Order the ebook or paperback here!

Welcome, all, to the Sunshire Chateau: Lestershire’s premier tourist attraction. It sits high on a hill overlooking town, shrouded by tall trees and rumors of murder, scandal and intrigue. Tickets are hard to come by, so hold yours close, else the Tour Guide may not let you in. And that would be a pity, for there are so many things to see within these walls–history, glamor, and riches beyond your wildest imagination. Just remember the following rules: don’t wander off alone, don’t be rude to the Guide, and don’t, whatever you do, touch the valuables. 

Because the ghosts don’t like it when you touch their things. 

Bram Stoker Award nominated author Gemma Amor brings you her newest tale of secrets, lies, love, betrayal, greed, family ties, and a house that has seen a great many sights, over the years.

Praise for Six Rooms

Six Rooms starts as an almost whimsical ghost story but devolves inexorably into a series of genuinely dreadful horrors. This descent into violence and greed and regret will leave you thoroughly unsettled.”

Alan Baxter, author of THE GULP & THE ALEX CAINE SERIES

“Gemma Amor turns her keen eye for character and atmosphere to the nightmare land of ghosts—a gorgeous blend of historical horror and hauntings done right, Six Rooms is at turns chilling and heartbreaking, with enough scares to make sure you leave the lights on. A delight.”

Laurel Hightower, author of CROSSROADS & WHISPERS IN THE DARK

“Gemma Amor’s Six Rooms is a chilling ghost story that is full of her usual prose magic and haunting imagery. This deftly crafted paranormal yarn will chill the very marrow of your bones, whilst the frenetic pace and readability of Amor’s words will get your heart rate pumping until you turn that final page and can once more breathe easily. This is more than just a ghost story; this is a story about belonging, a story of finding one’s place in the world, but above all else it is a unique and masterful book that takes the paranormal trope and crafts something truly magical… Six Rooms will leave its mark long after reading, mark my words.”

Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Nominated author of TOME, JUNIPER & ONLY THE STAINS REMAIN

Gemma Amor is a Bram Stoker Award nominated author, voice actor and illustrator based in Bristol, in the UK. She self-published her debut short story collection CRUEL WORKS OF NATURE in 2018, and went on to release DEAR LAURA, GRIEF IS A FALSE GOD, WHITE PINES, GIRL ON FIRE, THESE WOUNDS WE MAKE and WE ARE WOLVES before signing her first traditional publishing deal for her novel FULL IMMERSION, due out from Angry Robot books in 2022. SIX ROOMS is her eighth published book. 

Gemma is the co-creator of horror-comedy podcast Calling Darkness, starring Kate Siegel, and her stories feature many times on popular horror anthology shows The NoSleep Podcast (including a six part adaptation of DEAR LAURA), Shadows at the Door, Creepy and the Grey Rooms. She also appears in a number of print anthologies and had made numerous podcast appearances to date. Other projects in development include a video game, a short film she co-wrote called ABASEMENT (2021), and more. 

Gemma illustrates her own works and also provides original, hand-painted artwork for book covers on commission. She narrated her first audiobook, THE POSSESSION OF NATALIE GLASGOW by Hailey Piper, in 2020–it won’t be her last.

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