The Gospel of Horror Fiction and the Message of Short Stories


by Sadie “Mother Horror” Hartmann

We must preach the gospel of horror fiction day in and day out. The life-saving elements of a genre intentionally aiming for hearts & souls. Part of this message must include the importance of short stories as the primary vehicle in which readers can be won over to the dark side of literature.

There are too many things fighting for people’s attention. For something to be a strong competitor against the overwhelming magnetism of the internet, horror fiction must present a worthy and comparable opponent.

This is why we champion short stories. Readers can quickly sample horror fiction from a wide range of what the genre has to offer.

Case in point, Hailey Piper’s short fiction can be found in several anthologies and now this new collection, UNFORTUNATE ELEMENTS OF MY ANATOMY. These bite-sized tales serve as a veritable banquet of various sub-genres and style Piper is gifted in; curious readers can determine what suits their appetite.

Armed with knowledge, a purchase of Piper’s longer books can be made with confidence–the investment of money and time sure to pay off.

UNFORTUNATE ELEMENTS OF MY ANATOMY is the perfect representation of Hailey Piper’s strongest gift as a writer: Versatility.

Cosmic, gothic, fantasy, magical realism, creature feature, body-horror, supernatural, and humor…this book has it all.

Within the first three stories, Piper proves her prowess. DEMONS OF PARTICULAR TASTE is a clever twist on a familiar horror trope showcasing the author’s ability to flip the script and blindside readers with a good laugh.

THE UMBILICAL CHORD is wicked sharp, precise, unflinching, and dark.

WE ALL SCREAM penetrates with rich, terrifying imagery and an in-your-face style of classic horror storytelling. No filler, all killer.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this collection is Piper’s selection of witchy tales; a sweet delight for avid horror hounds who don’t get enough of those.

It’s cliché to say, “There’s something for everyone here” but it’s true. Read through this collection and when you find a story that resonates with you and stands out among the others, know that there is more where that came from. Enjoy gothic fairytales, queer representation, elements of romance? Pick up, AN INVITATION TO DARKNESS. Love that story about possession? Try, THE POSSESSION OF NATALIE GLASGOW. Need some more of those slasher, killer vibes? You should buy, BENNY ROSE THE CANNIBAL KING. Lastly, if the cosmic horror caught your attention, THE WORM AND HIS KINGS is your jam. I highly recommend this collection as your guidebook to Hailey Piper’s amazing fiction. Use it to pick your next favorite book.

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