Paranormal Contact: A Quiet Horror Confessional


Paranormal Contact: A Quiet Horror Confessional is an anthology of first-person narratives, many of which blur the line between contemporary horror fiction and autobiographical recollection. Each story is an encounter with the supernatural–while the experiences with ghosts and otherworldly entities may be sometimes subtle, they are often hair-raising, and at times, genuinely disturbing.

The paperback is now available here!

The eBook is now available here!


“With You” Jessica Ann York

“Memento Mori” Jude Reid

“The Chaise” Ali Seay

“To That Which We Cling” Beverley Lee

“Model Village” Jacqueline West

“Never the Ghost You Want” Nicholas Day

“The Ghost in the Hole in the Wall” Sonora Taylor

“Sweet Revenge” Chad Lutzke

“The Rum Keg Girl” Melissa Ashley Hernandez

“The Intruder” Stuart Hardy

“When Things Get Weird, Leave” Corey Farrenkopf

“Herein, the Dusk of Time Which Awaits Us All: An Account of the Astral-Afterlife” Eric J. Guignard

“A Dark Legacy” Faith Pierce

“Turnpike Mary Answers Prayers” Trisha Wooldridge

“Barbasol and Menthol” Zach Friday

“Noose” John Lynch

“Those Other Somethings” Scott J. Moses

“Lights” Donyae Coles

“The Second Reflection” J.A.W. McCarthy

“By the Wreck of Peter Iredale” Tyler Jones

“A Bad Idea” Shane Douglas Keene

“Stay With Me” Rachel Derman

“I Just Want to Be Free” R.J. Joseph

“Footsteps in the Hall” Elford Alley

Further Contact

“Rust Belt Requiescat” Joe Koch

2022 Anthology Preview:

“Love Smoke” Tim Meyer

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