Where the Devil Waits


Ebook and paperback available now here!

What would you do for all the money in the world? Or to get with the girl of your dreams? What if you could make other people do anything you told them? What if all this and more could be yours just for winning a race…against the devil?

A long-abandoned church on top of a mountain in the Pennsylvania backwoods is where the devil waits for anyone brave enough to challenge him. The course runs from the gate, through the cemetery, to the church doors.

If you win, the prize is yours.

If you lose…you die at sunrise.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

To four college students looking for a good time, nothing could be further from the truth.

All Frank wanted from his Friday night was to drink beer and bullshit with his friends: Chris, Doug, and Stan. But when Stan challenges them to test a local urban legend about a church where you can race the devil, things get hot fast. Old conflicts soon surface and Frank finds himself going along for the ride just to keep the peace. At the church, Stan shows them how it’s done, running the race and claiming he won, which means the devil is now his personal genie. After Frank runs the race and loses, he quickly dismisses his supposed fate—that he’ll die before sunrise—as just another attempt by Stan to get back at him for stealing his girlfriend. But before the night is over, all four find themselves in a new reality, where the supernatural has suddenly become normal, and Stan’s power grows to terrifying heights. Will these friends find a way to defeat someone in league with the devil, or will they succumb to the awful fate he has planned for each of them?

A novella from Wesley Southard & Mark Steensland, released May 22, 2021!

Check out the book trailer here!

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