Flash Horror Anthology “Campfire Macabre”


Campfire Macabre front art with text


Paperback and eBook Now Available Here!

50+ original flash horror tales organized by five themes: Spook Houses, Slashers, Witchcraft, Within the Woods, and Cemetery Chillers. A book perfect for time spent around the campfire or on a long car trip! Brand new pieces from award-winning storytellers and established authors.

Check out a detailed review of the book from Mother Horror here!

Here is the complete TOC:

“The Forever Awful House” Cynthia Pelayo

 Spook Houses

“Best Friends Forever” Priya Chand

“Making a Believer” Chad Lutzke

“RV” Mark Cowling

“Best House” Donyae Coles

“Sound Never Lasts” Corey Farrenkopf

“The Words in the House” R.K. Duncan

“The Annex” Lisa Short

“Cabin Fever” Sydney Richardson

“Ride Like the Devil” Jason Parent

“Keepers of the Light” Sonora Taylor

“Lullaby” Trevor Tolliver


Supernatural Slashers

“Final Girl” Derek Austin Johnson

“A Sleepwalker’s Hands” Corey Farrenkopf

“Scabby Abby” Lana Cooper

“So Many Teeth” Jon Gauthier

“The Crayfish God” Kevin Lucia

“All the Makings” Glen Krisch

“House of Summons” Yolanda Sfetsos

“Collateral Damage” John Lynch

“A Busy Season” Adam Godfrey

“The Sharp Edge of Midnight” Tim Waggoner



“I Believe in Witches” Matthew Stott

“Bernard” Ky Huddleston

“The Art of Darkness” Regina Garza Mitchell

“The Girl in the Window” Patrick R. McDonough

“The Lake of Poppets” Jessica Ann York

“A Little Justice” Ali Seay

“Eye of Newt” Jessica McHugh

“Swallowing the Fire” V. Castro

“Manhunter” Eddie Generous

“My Evening with the Witch” Brandon Scott

“The Hag’s Gift” Villimey Mist


Within the Woods

“The Shimmer of Trees” Eric J. Guignard

“Blackjack” Kealan Patrick Burke

“Fruiting Bodies” Jude Reid

“Its Black and Beating Heart” Robert S. Wilson

“The Wishing Box” Michael Harris Cohen

“Boys and Girls Come Out to Play” Beverley Lee

“Dewdrops and Blood” Sara Tantlinger

“The Bird with the Clownish Plumage”

Hailey Piper

“heartwood” doungjai gam

“Instructions for the Broken Hearted Who

Venture into Devil’s Horn Woods”

Tiffany Michelle Brown

“Her Favorite Story” John Timm


Cemetery Chillers

“Silence Which Comforted Me” Eugie Foster

“Waking the Dead” Monique Youzwa

“The Intern” Michael J. Moore

“On Halloween Night” Janine Pipe

“Death Toll” Alex Ebenstein

“Midnight Snack” Angela Sylvaine

“The Grave Listeners” Andrew Cull

“I Would Have Rescued Them All” R.J. Joseph

“Hunger” S.H. Cooper

“Shattered World” Kenneth W. Cain

“Up from Under” Tyler Jones

“We Need Your Donations!” Elford Alley


24 thoughts on “Flash Horror Anthology “Campfire Macabre”

  1. Titles for the upcoming Flash Antho:

    1. Itty Bitty Chills, but with all the Frills!

    2. Fleeting Fables

    3.Transitory Tales

    4.Passing Yarns


      1. Thanks. I have resent the improved version (as a reply from the original email sent). I hope that is ok, or did you want a totally new email/submission?


  2. Do you have a target publish date? Regrettably, I wasn’t able to finish my story for Supernatural Slashers by the time it filled up, but I am still fascinated by the lineup of categories and would like to buy a copy as soon as it’s available. Thanks!


  3. If we haven’t heard back from you, I assume we haven’t been selected? If this is the case, can we submit another story? Thanks.


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